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Roderer Milano Blue Collection


At Roderer our aim is simple: to create a collection of leather goods of exceptional quality.

Inspired by years of travelling the globe, each Roderer is both a passport to an exclusive world & a trustworthy partner.

As a man only brand, we strive to create outstanding items that appeals to the modern citizen.

Our first class selection of wallets, bags & accessories truly reflects the personality of the contemporary globe-trotter.

And to guarantee every Roderer meets our uncompromising standards and your high expectations, each blends a unique trilogy of elegance, craftsmanship & individuality.


“I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself”

Ferdinand Porsche’s famous quote about the Porsche 911 can also apply to Olivier Birault, the founder of Roderer. As he was not satisfied with what the market has to offer, he designed some items for his personal use… Roderer was born.


Designed in Dubai

Years of travelling the world as CEO of a watch company and as Formula 1 Executive have inspired Olivier Birault to create the Roderer brand.

Dubai, where the company is located, also plays a major role in terms of inspiration and gives a very unique flair to the collection. Uniquely designed in Dubai, all Roderer items stands out by their strong personality.

Roderer truly prides itself as being the first luxury leather goods brand based in the modern, vibrant & cosmopolitan Middle East capital.


Leather. Beautifully Crafted.

Our signature slogan put the emphasis on the noble aspect of the material, on the beautiful design of each item and on the craftsmanship. It perfectly echoes the Roderer spirit. is owned and operated by Majesting Luxury DMCC.




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